An introduction to Upholstered (Fabric) Bedheads

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An introduction to Upholstered (Fabric) Bedheads

There are many people in Australia who are interested in bedroom remodeling, but they are postponing this activity because they believe that they’ll have to spend a small fortune on it. This is not true because sometimes even a small change can make a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of one of the most important rooms in every home.

One of the most convenient and most efficient ways to improve the bedroom is to check the furniture. There is no doubt that almost every homeowner can buy a new side table, desk or closet. But, one of the pieces of furniture that usually stays in the bedroom for a long time is the bed. This is also the focal point of this area. In most cases, homeowners decide to buy a new bed only when this piece of furniture has lost its most important properties or it is damaged beyond repair.

Truth be told, beds last almost forever, it is the mattresses that we need to change from time to time. (1) On top of that, most of the bed is usually covered with sheets and blankets, but there is one part that is visible – the bedhead. This is where you can invest in when you want to modify your bed.

Namely, you can create a big improvement in your bed’s and bedroom’s appearance if you purchase a new upholstered bedhead. There are leather and fabric bedheads, but most people opt for fabric because they are more affordable and come in different styles. Most home designers pay special attention to this detail, so you should take it into consideration too.

Now let’s highlight some reasons why you should choose upholstered bedheads. To start with, they are good for your safety. Almost every individual has experienced that awful feeling caused by hitting the back of the head on the bedhead (or directly on the wall if there is no bedhead present at all). Thanks to the upholstered bedhead you can avoid situations like this. The fabric makes the area soft and pleasant and protects your head and neck. Keep in mind that there are bedheads with different designs, so you can find bedheads with pointed corners and hard edges for example. The use of soft upholstery can help you avoid accidents.

Some people want to watch TV or read a good book before they fall asleep. It is quite natural to rely on the bedhead while you are involved in these activities. But, if the surface is rough, you won’t feel comfortable. Upholstered bedheads let you keep good posture. (2) Finally, upholstered bedheads are available in different colors and designs, so you can easily match them with the overall style in this room.

The bedheads in our offer are quite stylish and based on the current trends. Of course, they are not too trendy, so you don’t have to worry that you will buy a bedhead that will become outdated. In addition, they are free standing and they appeal to all bedrooms. If you live in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne, feel free to contact us at any time on 1300 349 771.


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