Latex mattresses – Brisbane & Gold Coast

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Latex Mattresses & Latex Beds – Brisbane & Gold Coast

Have you considered purchasing your latex mattresses or latex beds from Perth, Western Australia?

Want to buy a latex bed?

You will be amazed at how much you can save by simply dealing with us here in Perth.

Our quality is exceptional and our choice of latex mattresses, mattress toppers and latex pillows is as big or bigger than when you buy local.

Did you know you will save money by simply purchasing from us at The Back and Neck Bedding Company?

Before you choose your mattress, choose your supplier.  Our latex is fully certified for quality and if you pay more, you really need to ask your local supplier why they are so expensive.  Maybe they have had a monopoly before the internet came along?

Either way we know that our latex is manufactured to the same high standards as your local supplier – the only difference will be what you pay.

We wrote this blog when we read you folk in Queensland were being asked to pay over $1000 for an item we sell for $357 –  go figure!

Contact us on 1300 349 771, the specialists in latex bedding at The Back and Neck Bedding Company.

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