Tips For How To Clean Your Mattress

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It’s time to go a step beyond just washing your sheets, and get your mattress clean as well. By following these tips from Clean My Space – it’s possible to make your bed even more enticing than it already is. So come on, let’s head to the bedroom!

There are A LOT of reasons why cleaning your mattress is a good idea. Such as, did you know that the average person sweats 1/2 a pint every night? Now, add that to all of the dirt, dust, and stains that a mattress accumulates – and it’s a wonder how we’re even able to get any sleep at all! For this reason, it’s important to give your mattress a little love and care at the turn of every season.

In the video, she gives us some great ideas for how to get our mattresses cleaned up. For starters, its important to remove all of the dirt and dust using an upholstery vacuum. Then, you can freshen your mattress by sifting baking soda mixed with drops of essential oil on top (vacuum 30 minutes later). Now of course there are all of the stains… Mattresses can be tricky, since you don’t want to get them very wet. Be sure to watch the video to learn some tricks for removing stains, and how to get your mattress in even more tip-top shape!


This post was originally published here: Tips For How To Clean Your Mattress


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